October 2013

Dear Cynthia,

I need because my gas stove is not good, but then I realize that mine is  counter top, so the stand stove will not fit in, but thank you so much for your offer !

Thank you so much for your time and work to help me !  I feel so bad that my situation caused all of you too much trouble and work !  I apologize for that!

Since I have your help to find the way out of my darkness, I feel less miserable and more courage to get back to life !  Thank you so much for giving me a chance to believe that there are so many good people around to follow !  I really admire the mission that you and your organization carry on...When I saw your MOVE team came that morning, my heart was just melted !  At  their age, they are still working hard to help !  They made me feel stronger to keep my promise: " Get Back Whenever I can!."

Now I can sleep in a bed and I have all I need! Thank you so much for help me a way out of my darkness ! Have a nice day  !


November 2013

Carolyn from Seaside Park, just called to say THANK YOU...She is so Thankful and feels very blessed that MOVE Furniture Bank has brought her a beautiful bed set so quickly(she only called the day before). As you know she was having a terrible day trying to get more assistance for other unmet needs & this all happened by fate....we know God's hand was in this! Great Work again, please pass the word on to the crew :-)


November 2013

Hi there, Cynt

This is a lovely set, but it's too much for my space that I have available for just a couch.  I can wait until someone has just a couch to offer and better yet if it has a bed in it.  Also, I'm going to be in that area tomorrow and may be able to get the mattresses into the back of my van.  I'll bring someone to help get them if you have the time in the later afternoon. I’ll call you this morning or evening if I don't reach you in the a.m. or you can get back to me when you get the time to.  Thanks for looking out for me and my daughter.  We'll be grateful and humbled to have what we need in time for the holidays (by the way, we don't have a tree).  Mentioning that just in case you come across one that someone wants to give.  My daughter  is 25 born with Downes Syndrome and her mentality is of a 12-14 yr old so please let me know os any gift giving that would help me give her a Christmas as she has grown out of all of her clothes.  Paying for EVERYTHING new in her newly developed size would jeopardize me getting back on and staying on track with our bills and money for food for a whole month.  I could use some help for clothes for the both of us, really.  There's a church nearby that I intend for us to start going to soon.  I can hardly wait!  I need a home church in me and my daughter’s  lives.  God is who has seen us through Hurricane Sandy and has introduced me to someone like yourself and Misty who put me in your care.  I want to go thank Him at a house of Prayer and Service that I may someday soon be able to reach out to help someone in need, as these type of days are always at hand any given moment in this thing called Life!

Thanks for listening Cynthia ….Regards and Blessings,